Eskom Ramps Up to Stage 6 Amid Reserve Shortfall

Urgent Update: Eskom shifts gears into Stage 6 load-shedding starting from 20:00 this evening, aiming to bolster depleted emergency reserves. Revised Schedule: After an intense power cut tonight, the utility will scale back to Stage 4, effective from 05:00 until the evening hours. Consistent Cycles: This alternating pattern between Stage 4 and Stage 6 will […]

South Africa Plunges into Deep Power Cuts as Eskom Declares Stage 6 Load Shedding

In a jarring announcement for energy consumers, Eskom confirmed that South Africa will face all-day Stage 6 load shedding starting Friday, signaling severe power generation setbacks. Unprecedented Power Shortages From midday Friday until the early hours of Monday, South Africans will grapple with escalated Stage 6 power outages. This drastic measure underscores the fragility of […]

Extended Stage 6 Load Shedding: Unexpected Delays at Key Power Stations

#LoadsheddingUpdate Tuesday, 12 September 2023: The anticipated return to service of a generating unit each at Kendal, Matla and Matimba power stations has been delayed, necessitating the continuous implementation of #Stage6 loadshedding until further notice. Eskom will publish another update should any significant changes occur. Insights from the Electricity Minister: At Sunday’s press briefing, Minister […]