Tech to the Rescue: Load Shedding Around the World

Power outages, or ‘load shedding‘ as it’s commonly known in South Africa, is not an issue unique to the Rainbow Nation. Countries around the globe, from developed to developing, have grappled with energy crises. While the causes vary, from infrastructure challenges to natural disasters, the innovative solutions that emerge are a testament to human resilience […]

Load Shedding: The Invisible Blow to Your Connectivity

As South Africans, we’ve come to expect certain challenges during load shedding – dim lights, cold dinners, and disrupted routines. But there’s another unexpected casualty to Eskom’s power outages: our connectivity. Beneath the Surface of Signal Disruptions Eskom’s persistent load shedding is far-reaching. Beyond the immediate inconveniences, there are long-term repercussions, especially when considering the […]

Powering Passion: When Rugby Meets Reliability

The Electrifying Atmosphere South Africa is buzzing. The Rugby World Cup 2023 is the hot topic everywhere you go. Packed stadiums, adrenaline-filled yards, and TVs flickering with intensity. However, there’s a looming threat every South African dreads amidst the roaring ruckus – the abrupt silence of load shedding. EcoFlow: A Beacon Amidst Blackouts Enter the […]