Eskom responds to Stage 16 load-shedding schedules for South Africa: A Plan of Action

A collaborative effort between Eskom, its System Operator, and industry stakeholders is underway to revise the guidelines for South Africa’s load-shedding stages. Acting head of generation at Eskom, Thomas Conradie, shared this information while providing updates on the progress of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s National Energy Crisis Committee. Although Conradie did not confirm if the schedule […]

Businesses in South Africa Plan for Grid Failure

The Sunday Times recently reported that, as a result of the unsustainable levels of load shedding in South Africa, key industries within the business sector are preparing for the possibility of a total grid collapse in order to ensure the safety of staff and the continuation of services. Although the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) […]

Eskom Disputes Accusations of Stage 7

Eskom has refuted claims that it implemented Stage 7 load shedding without making a public announcement, despite reducing over 7,000 MW from the grid over the past two nights. This contradicts a statement made by Eskom’s spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshatsha, who confirmed that load shedding had reached Stage 7 at the time in question. The speculation […]

Alarms Sound as Stage 8 Load Shedding Approaches

South Africans are being warned to brace for increasing stages of load shedding as experts, analysts, and Eskom itself raise alarm bells. The power utility announced on Sunday night that continuous Stage 6 load shedding would be in effect until further notice due to breakdowns at its power stations. Eskom warned that there is a […]

The Minister of Electricity will concentrate exclusively on resolving the issue of load shedding.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that the proposed Minister of Electricity will take full responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the electricity crisis response and will lead the National Energy Crisis Committee to urgently end load shedding. The President made this announcement in response to the debate on the State of the Nation Address, where […]

Sacci warns that economy will face serious implications due to ongoing electricity supply shortages.

Yesterday, the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) issued a warning about the serious economic implications resulting from ongoing electricity supply shortages. These shortages are damaging business confidence and deterring foreign investors. Fitch Ratings agency has also stated that the power crisis is the most severe aspect of South Africa’s current economic difficulties. Business […]

What is loadshedding or Interrupting the Power Supply?

The Different Loadshedding Stages

Loadshedding is a way to manage the national power grid in order to prevent a widespread blackout. Loadshedding involves reducing the amount of electricity being supplied across the country, and this reduction varies according to different stages. The higher the stage, the greater the amount of power that needs to be reduced. There are different […]

The Head of Project Management in the Presidency stated that Eskom requires a significant boost in its diesel budget.

The Head of Project Management in the Presidency, Rudi Dicks, has urged Eskom to substantially increase its diesel budget as the power utility prepares for the new financial year beginning in April. This call comes after Eskom exceeded its annual diesel budget within eight months amidst deteriorating load shedding, leading to a financial crisis that […]