Metro Centre Meltdown: Joburg Council Stalls Amidst Utilities Crisis

The Unlit Saga of Johannesburg’s Council Venue In an unexpected turn of events, the scheduled City of Johannesburg council gathering couldn’t proceed this Wednesday. The culprits? A combination of electrical glitches and a water shut-off at Johannesburg Metro Centre located in Braamfontein. No Virtual Rescue in Sight Load Shedding Darkens Alternative Paths The council’s decision […]

Eskom’s Future: A Private Sector Collaboration on the Horizon?

In a recent media session discussing South Africa’s Energy Action Plan, Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa highlighted the pressing need for collaboration between the government and the private sector to fortify Eskom’s transmission capabilities. Tapping Into Private Reserves Amid challenges, Minister Ramokgopa emphasized the potential benefits of involving the private sector in the expansion endeavors. He […]

From Floodwaters to Power Lines: The Electricity Struggle in Western Cape

Pretoria – In a press briefing earlier this week, Electricity Minister Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa provided insights into the Western Cape power situation following the province’s devastating floods. Of the 82,000 residents affected, a mere 15,000 still await reconnection. Briefing Rescheduled Although these briefings typically occupy weekends, the recent public holiday led to its shift to […]

Tech to the Rescue: Load Shedding Around the World

Power outages, or ‘load shedding‘ as it’s commonly known in South Africa, is not an issue unique to the Rainbow Nation. Countries around the globe, from developed to developing, have grappled with energy crises. While the causes vary, from infrastructure challenges to natural disasters, the innovative solutions that emerge are a testament to human resilience […]

Eskom’s Load-Shedding Update: What to Expect This Week

The nation’s leading power utility, Eskom, just released its load-shedding blueprint for the upcoming days. The breakdown: Eskom cites equipment breakdowns causing a 15,984MW drop in generation capacity. On a brighter note, they’ve hinted at reviving six generation units by tomorrow. Moreover, Eskom’s showing compassion amidst adversity, halting load-shedding in flood-hit coastal regions for now. […]

Eskom Jumps to Stage 3 Load Shedding

Eskom delivers unfortunate news: stage 3 load shedding returns, with no specified end in sight. The cause? Three major generating units went offline within the last day. Making matters worse, Eskom revealed, “We’ve been unable to replenish our reserves.” Despite initial hopes of keeping lights on during the long weekend, disruptions will begin at 20h00 […]