Eskom Load Shedding Update

Load Shedding Rundown South Africa’s trusty power supplier, Eskom, dropped a bombshell: stage 4 load shedding isn’t going anywhere soon. With the seasons shifting, some economists are shaking their heads, predicting even gloomier power days ahead. Based on Eskom’s recent announcement from 31 August, here’s the lowdown: Eskom explained the rationale behind this, stating, “We […]

Eskom: From Stage 2 to Stage 4 Load Shedding

Load Shedding Takes a Leap South Africa’s leading power utility, Eskom, dropped a bombshell on us: daytime load shedding is cranking up to stage 4. Why, you ask? Three units conked out overnight. That’s on top of the urgent need to boost their emergency generation. When to Expect Lights Out: This escalation feels like déjà […]

Eskom’s Energy Roller Coaster: From Stage 2 to 4

Eskom’s Newest Load Shedding Game Plan Hold onto your hats folks! Eskom, our power utility mogul, has once again surprised us by escalating load shedding to stage 4 starting Tuesday evening. We’re now caught in a dance between stage 2 during daylight hours (05h00 – 16h00) and the formidable stage 4 after sunset (16h00 – […]

Load Shedding: Here’s Your Week At A Glance

Eskom’s latest: Brace yourself for all-day load shedding this week. But how and when? Let’s break it down. Today’s Drill: “Eskom will publish another update should any significant changes occur.” Quick Peek at the Week: Gear up, plan smart, and let’s navigate the load shedding maze together. Keep checking in for updates and stay powered.