Load Shedding: Here’s Your Week At A Glance

Eskom’s latest: Brace yourself for all-day load shedding this week. But how and when? Let’s break it down.

Today’s Drill:

  • From now until Monday, 05:00 – Stage 3
  • After a brief respite, it’s back to Stage 1 ’til 16:00
  • And then? Yep, Stage 3 once more till the wee hours of Tuesday.

“Eskom will publish another update should any significant changes occur.”

Quick Peek at the Week:

  • Sunday, 27th
    • Stage 3: 16h00 – 00h00
  • Monday, 28th & Tuesday, 29th
    • Stage 3: Midnight – 05h00
    • Stage 1: Morning to Afternoon, 05h00 – 16h00
    • Stage 3: Evening shift, 16h00 – Midnight
  • Wednesday, 30th & Thursday, 31st
    • Same as above.

Gear up, plan smart, and let’s navigate the load shedding maze together. Keep checking in for updates and stay powered.

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