Ramaphosa Promises Solutions For Loadshedding Crisis At Investment Conference

At the South Africa Investment Conference on Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa promised solutions to address the crisis of loadshedding in the short term. He acknowledged the negative impact of irregular and insufficient electricity supply on businesses, consumer confidence, and investment decisions. The government plans to improve the performance of existing coal-fired power stations which provide the baseload energy. They are also working on fundamental long-term reform of the energy sector. The government’s energy action plan introduced last July has various solutions for the challenges of loadshedding. Ramaphosa stated that they have recently released a request for proposals for over 500 MW of battery storage and will open bid windows soon for wind, solar, battery storage and gas power. The president believes that the severity of the loadshedding problem would begin to ease through the state’s initiatives.

However, despite the president’s assurances, loadshedding continues to plague the country, especially during the ongoing pandemic. The lack of power supply has created enormous negative effects on private individuals and businesses alike. While the government’s solutions provide hope, people are skeptical and are now more interested than ever in matters of energy supply.


The president’s plan provides some optimism for the current crisis of loadshedding when implemented. We can only hope that the government delivers on its promise and eases the impact of loadshedding on the economy, businesses, and the livelihoods of private individuals.