Crisis Control: Authorities Implement Measures to Reduce Load Shedding Consequences

Quick Action on Energy Crisis: Government’s Electricity State of Disaster Plan As South Africa faces an electricity state of disaster, the government is taking swift action to alleviate the situation. The plan includes: Land Use Authorization and International Assistance To generate energy more efficiently, the government is expediting land use authorizations and seeking international assistance […]

Switch Off Geysers, Save Electricity: South Africa’s Strategy to Cut Load-Shedding Stages

South Africa’s Electricity Crisis: A Plan to Cut Load-shedding Minister in the Presidency responsible for Electricity, Dr Kgosientso Ramokgopa, is on a mission to resolve the country’s electricity crisis as quickly as possible. His approach includes visiting power stations, addressing underperformance, and urging South Africans to do their part. Power Station Visits: A Strategy for […]

A Winter of Worry: Eskom Downplays Stage 6, Yet Experts Predict Darker Days Ahead

Eskom’s Load Shedding Forecast The upcoming winter’s load shedding forecast looks rather grim, but Eskom is confident that it will not reach Stage 6. Despite their optimism, independent analyst Clyde Mallinson has a more pessimistic outlook. Eskom’s Expectations Eskom’s projections are based on: In hot weather, Eskom’s coal-fired power stations experience “load losses,” resulting in […]

Living in Light: The Fortunate Few Escaping Load Shedding

Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Ministers’ Comfort During Blackouts Over a period of four years, taxpayers have paid more than R7 million to ensure uninterrupted power at the homes of ministers and deputy ministers during rolling blackouts. The public has also covered other expenses, including: Investigating the Ministerial Handbook These expenses have come to light […]