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Johannesburg (Joburg, Jozi) has multiple load shedding areas. Search for your suburb below to view your load shedding schedule:

    Load shedding is a commonly known term amongst South Africans, especially those living in Johannesburg. This proactive method of reducing power load is executed by Eskom in order to prevent a total breakdown of the country’s electric grid. As frustrating as it might seem, load shedding is a necessary measure that helps to keep the whole electrical grid from collapsing.

    For residents of Johannesburg, load shedding can significantly impact their lives by causing interruptions in daily routines and business operations. The good news is that Eskom has implemented a load shedding schedule that enables Johannesburg residents to stay informed, facilitating their ability to prepare for upcoming power outages as required. It is prudent to remain informed during load shedding so that you can plan accordingly by stocking essential items and considering the power outages when planning your schedule.

    As Johannesburg residents prepare for another week, it is important to review the load shedding schedule. The schedule is currently available for the upcoming week and can be found below. Utilizing the load shedding schedule is crucial in enabling residents to plan accordingly, minimize disruptions, and keep their daily routine on track.

    Load shedding may be a temporary inconvenience to many people in Johannesburg, but it is also an important measure that helps to maintain the integrity of the country’s electrical grid.

    Let’s face it; load shedding has become a bit of a ‘norm’ in our vibrant City of Gold. But, as we always do, we find the silver lining, make the best of the situation, and keep moving forward! So, let’s take a moment to talk about the stages of load shedding and some fun ways to enjoy these power-free periods.

    First things first, let’s break down the load shedding stages. They go from Stage 1 to Stage 8, with each stage representing an increased need to save electricity:

    • Stage 1: This is the first level of load shedding where 1000 MW needs to be cut from the grid.
    • Stage 2: Here, the savings requirement doubles to 2000 MW.
    • Stage 3 – Stage 8: From here, an extra 1000 MW is saved for each stage increase.

    These stages allow Eskom to prevent total blackouts by reducing demand to match their supply capabilities. Remember, you can always check your load shedding schedule on the Eskom website or the City of Johannesburg’s page.

    Now, on to the fun part!

    Turning Off the Lights and Turning Up the Fun

    1. Explore Jozi on Foot: Use this time as an excuse to take a stroll through your neighbourhood (with safety in mind). The city has a different charm when it’s quieter.

    2. Indulge in a Book: Nothing like a good book by candlelight to transport you to a different world, far away from the power cuts.

    3. Host a Candlelit Dinner: Who says romance is dead during load shedding? Whip up a quick meal on your gas stove and dine by candlelight.

    4. Outdoor Fun: Dust off that cricket set or soccer ball. A little bit of backyard sport can get the family laughing and keep everyone entertained.

    Surviving Load Shedding: A Few Jozi-Style Tips

    1. Stay Prepared: Always have a load shedding kit handy. Include torches, candles, lighters, a portable charger, and if possible, a gas stove.

    2. Protect Your Home: Consider investing in solar-powered security systems to ensure your home remains safe and well-lit during load shedding.

    3. Guard Your Gadgets: Remember to unplug all sensitive electronics before load shedding begins to avoid any potential power surge damages when the power is restored.

    4. Plan Your Day: Keep an eye on the load shedding schedule. This will help you plan your daily activities and work around the load shedding times.

    Remember, while load shedding may seem like an inconvenience, it is a necessary precaution to maintain our national power system. So let’s face it with a spirit of adventure, Joburg! After all, a city that turned mine dumps into gold can surely turn load shedding into a time of fun and unity. Power to the people!

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