Durban Resumes Regular Load Shedding After Clearing Outage Delays

Back to Scheduled Power Cuts Durban’s households are set to revisit the familiar routine of load shedding, as confirmed by the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. After wrestling with extended outages fueled by a municipal workers’ strike, the city is ready to adhere to Eskom’s load reduction directives. Overcoming Obstacles: Moving Forward: Strike Fallout: As Durban transitions […]

Load Shedding Pause in eThekwini

Surprise Break for Durban Residents Durban’s eThekwini Municipality has announced a temporary halt to load shedding, bringing unexpected relief to its residents. Here’s the quick lowdown: Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

Load Shedding Sparks Public Outrage: Durban’s Protests Heat Up

Widespread Discontent Spurs Civic Action This past Friday saw an avalanche of dissatisfaction pour into the streets of Durban as residents banded together, voicing their protest against the eThekwini municipality’s forecasted hikes in electricity, water, sanitation, and other utilities rates. The Unite Durban Coalition: A United Front These impassioned locals congregated under the emblem of […]