President Highlights Advances in Energy Action Plan: A Path Towards Ending Load Shedding?

In his recent address to the National Assembly during The Presidency’s Budget Vote, President Cyril Ramaphosa reaffirmed the government’s commitment to solving the ongoing energy crisis and ending load shedding. Last year, Ramaphosa unveiled a detailed Energy Action Plan aimed at achieving energy security. The President created the National Energy Crisis Committee and appointed a […]

Stage 6 Load Shedding Returns: Eskom Ramps Up Power Cuts

Power Cuts Intensify: The Return of Stage 6 Load Shedding On Monday, the 29th of May, power utility giant Eskom has announced an escalation in load shedding to stage 6. The reason behind this drastic shift? A delay in reactivating ten crucial power grid units. Load Shedding Schedule According to Eskom, the schedule for Monday […]

Macassar Residents Seek Presidential Intervention for Load Shedding

Living under the oppressive cloud of relentless power outages, residents of Macassar, a suburb in Western Cape, have issued a desperate plea to President Cyril Ramaphosa. They are pleading for intervention to alleviate the darkness imposed by persistent load shedding. Persistent Load Shedding in Macassar Due to deteriorating Eskom infrastructure, Macassar, ironically, has turned into […]

South Africa’s Electric Vehicle Journey: High Costs & Limited Infrastructure

Even as the world shifts towards greener alternatives, the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in South Africa faces significant hurdles. The high costs associated with EVs, combined with an underdeveloped charging infrastructure, have left potential customers hesitant. Gasoline vs Electric: Shifting Preferences Deloitte’s 2023 Global Automotive Consumer Study presents an interesting snapshot of the South […]

Eskom’s Big Bet on Gas Power: A Balancing Act Amid Controversies

South Africa’s primary electricity supplier, Eskom, is taking strides towards transforming the nation’s energy landscape. Currently, it is in talks with the National Treasury to construct a 3,000MW gas-fired power station in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal. The catch? Eskom is determined to pull this off without adding to its borrowing. The Green Light amid Opposition Recently, […]

South Africa Takes Steady Strides Towards Energy Sustainability

In a recent announcement, Deputy President Paul Mashatile underlined South Africa’s commitment to securing emergency power sources as a solution to the pressing issue of load shedding. The bold plan envisions utilizing power ships to alleviate power shortages, in addition to maintaining current power stations operational. Embracing Power Ships in the Battle against Load Shedding […]