Koeberg Sirens Set to Sound in Safety Test

Heads Up for Residents: Koeberg’s Loud Drill Residents in and around Koeberg are in for a loud test this Tuesday. The Koeberg Nuclear Power Station has scheduled a full-volume siren test as part of its emergency preparedness. What to Expect: Why It Matters: Possible Re-tests: Stay Informed: Residents’ cooperation and understanding during this critical safety […]

Eskom’s Power Moves: The Upswing in Generation

Highlight of the Day:Eskom is shining brighter these days, and load shedding’s dark days might just be behind us. Taking the National Assembly by Storm Minister in the Presidency for Electricity, Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, took to the floor on October 24th with news we’ve all been waiting to hear. From Dim to Dazzling Introduced in […]

Public-Private Powerhouse: The Blueprint for South Africa’s Resurgence

In an extraordinary meeting held this week, South African government officials and key business sector representatives convened to construct a comprehensive plan. The agenda? Tackling head-on the challenges besieging the nation. Under the rally cry of “removing obstacles to inclusive economic growth and job creation,” the meeting marked a historic collaboration between sectors. Top Priorities […]

Cape Town’s Energy Revolution: Amazon and 14 Others Set to Trade Electricity

June 7, 2023 Cape Town’s mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, has unveiled a revolutionary energy initiative that will see Amazon and 14 other companies delivering self-generated power via the city’s grid. The city council is expected to sanction the scheme later this month, following the mayoral committee’s approval. Understanding Electricity Wheeling Electricity wheeling – the process enabling […]

Sun Blocked: Cape Town’s Lengthy Wait for Solar Panel Installations

When envisioning a sustainable future, the image of solar panels glittering under the Cape Town sun often comes to mind. However, this dream is experiencing a significant delay, with citizens enduring a prolonged wait of up to five months for permission to install these energy-saving devices. What’s more, early birds risk facing fines if they […]