Sun Blocked: Cape Town’s Lengthy Wait for Solar Panel Installations

When envisioning a sustainable future, the image of solar panels glittering under the Cape Town sun often comes to mind. However, this dream is experiencing a significant delay, with citizens enduring a prolonged wait of up to five months for permission to install these energy-saving devices. What’s more, early birds risk facing fines if they […]

Cape Town Proposes ‘Building Hope’ Budget: Infrastructure and Energy in Focus

Record Infrastructure Spending, Doubling Johannesburg and Durban Combined The Cape Town City Council has unveiled its ‘Building Hope’ budget for 2023/24, marking a groundbreaking increase in infrastructure expenditure. An impressive R43 billion is set to be disbursed over the coming three years – a figure that significantly overshadows the combined allocation of Johannesburg and Durban. […]

Cape Town’s Facilities Management Department Implements New Strategies Amid Energy Crisis

Today, on World Facilities Management Day, the Facilities Management profession is celebrated for ensuring that an organisation’s facilities remain healthy, safe, and productive. The City of Cape Town recognises the department’s hard work that has gone into providing generators and inverters across various City facilities. The City’s Facilities Management Department has been successful in the […]

Western Cape Government Takes Lead in Energy Resilience with Solar PV Project at Bellville Health Park

Premier Alan Winde has just announced over R16 million in savings through energy resilience interventions at the Western Cape Government’s (WCG) Karl Bremer Hospital precinct. The Premier visited the Bellville Health Park, where a R17 million solar photovoltaic (PV) installation project was recently completed in March 2023. This project, which saw 1,400 solar panels installed […]