Load Shedding in Joburg: City Power Takes Charge

The Handover: The Power Shift: From next Monday, Joburg’s City Power will have their hands on the load shedding button, bringing relief to residents who’ve been under the dark cloud of four-hour power cuts. What’s Changing?: “Areas that are load shed by City Power will remain on a two-hour schedule even during Stages 5 and […]

Private Power Partnerships: Joburg’s Answer to Eskom’s Outages

Powering Ahead:In a transformative move, Johannesburg, South Africa’s heartbeat, has initiated a landmark power pact. By engaging with private producers, the city aims to source a significant 92 MW of electricity, providing a buffer against Eskom’s notorious blackouts. Initiative’s Genesis:A joint venture between the local administration and Johannesburg’s utility frontrunner, City Power, led to last […]

Taking a Deeper Dive Into Johannesburg’s Energy Payouts

In the center of South Africa’s eco-energy news was the City of Johannesburg’s recent plan to apply a feed-in tariff, a calculated compensation plan for their solar photovoltaic (PV) technology customers contributing their spare electricity to the power grid. However, it’s worth noting that this rate falls short of what their Cape Town counterparts have […]

Eskom’s Substantial Tariff Hike Shapes Johannesburg’s New Rates

The Driving Factor In the wake of an eye-popping 18.65% increase permitted by the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) for the new financial year, City of Johannesburg mayoral committee member for finance, Dada Morero, pins the recent tariff surge in Johannesburg mainly on Eskom’s tariff hike. Morero conducted a workshop on Wednesday to delve […]

Public-Private Powerhouse: The Blueprint for South Africa’s Resurgence

In an extraordinary meeting held this week, South African government officials and key business sector representatives convened to construct a comprehensive plan. The agenda? Tackling head-on the challenges besieging the nation. Under the rally cry of “removing obstacles to inclusive economic growth and job creation,” the meeting marked a historic collaboration between sectors. Top Priorities […]

Mayor Cites Power Outages as Key Factor in Joburg’s Water Shortages

Johannesburg’s Water Shortages Worsen Due to Load Shedding, Mayor Confirms Johannesburg is grappling with service interruptions after a power outage at the Vereeniging Water Treatment Plant disrupted the pipeline network earlier this week. Although Rand Water’s bulk pumping has fully recovered, local water systems are struggling with the ripple effect, resulting in critically low reservoir […]