Eskom’s Load Limiting Expansion in Gauteng Aims to Curb Electricity Usage

Innovative Approach to Energy Management Eskom is rolling out its Load Limiting Project further across Gauteng, building on its achievements in optimizing customer electricity use. Pilot Success: Strategic Expansion: How It Works: Customer Engagement: Collaborative Effort: Eskom emphasizes the success of this project hinges on both its efforts and the willingness of customers to adhere […]

Gauteng Rolls Out New Load Shedding Strategy

Gauteng’s New Load Shedding Framework: Eskom has rolled out a new set of load shedding schedules for the province of Gauteng, in a significant operational update effective from the start of this week. Key Highlights: City Power Takes Charge: Comprehensive List of Affected Areas: Residents in these areas can find their specific load shedding schedules […]