Load Shedding at Stage 6 Sweeps Across South Africa

South Africans have once again been plunged into darkness as Eskom announced an all-day stage 6 load shedding until further notice. The move is due to a further breakdown of generating capacity at Medupi power station, which has exacerbated an already critical situation.

Load shedding will be pushed to stage 6 from 16h00 this afternoon until 05h00 on Thursday. Thereafter, Stage 5 load shedding will be implemented until 16h00 on Thursday. This pattern will be repeated daily until further notice.

Power utility Eskom has been facing significant challenges with its ability to provide a consistent supply of energy due to the unreliability of the country’s fragile grid, coupled with high demand. These challenges are reportedly resulting in higher stages of load shedding, which are undermining Eskom’s ability to meet its daily requirements.

The capacity constraints from Eskom’s power generating stations have contributed to rising demand for energy. Further, the increase in demand after the long weekend and the re-opening of schools have put additional strain on the power generation system.

Load Shedding Schedule South Africa

The City of Cape Town has assured its residents that they would be spared from stage 6 load shedding where possible, with a reduction to stage 4 during the day until 22h00.

The repeated occurrence of load shedding is a cause of concern for energy experts and South Africa’s Minister of Electricity, who has warned that load shedding is expected to get worse in the coming winter months. The minister said that in summer conditions, the electricity deficit is 6,000 megawatts, but it can go up to 37,000 megawatts in winter, making it an exceptionally difficult time for providing a consistent supply of energy.

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Eskom is currently piloting measures to reduce demand on the grid, including expanding its load curtailment contracts to smaller power consumers like small businesses and residential areas.

The latest development is a call to action for all stakeholders, including the government, industry players, and individuals, to come together and explore sustainable solutions to the energy challenges. The situation calls for better planning and preparation for power outages to minimize disruptions to daily life and businesses.

Load Shedding Schedules for Major Metros

Stay on top of the game by checking your city’s load shedding schedule:

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Eskom’s got your back, working hard to keep the lights on! Stay informed and plan your weekend accordingly with this updated load shedding schedule. And remember, we’re all in this together!