A Brief Respite: Eskom’s Short-lived Load-Shedding Break

It felt like a fleeting holiday morning when Eskom halted its load-shedding at 11:30 this Monday, 21 August 2023. But let’s dive into the details behind this short break and what comes next.

Why the Sudden Break? Eskom cited two reasons:

  • An uptick in their generating capacity
  • A fully restored emergency generation reserve

But wait, before you let out that breath, the pause is set to last only till 16:00 today.

What’s the Power Play Ahead? Today:

  • Daylight saving: No load-shedding till 16:00.
  • Evening Blues: Stage 3 load-shedding kicks in at 16:00, running through to 05:00 on Tuesday.

Following days:

  • A game of light and shadow with Stage 1 during the day, shifting to Stage 3 by evening, until further communication.

The Koeberg Conundrum: Koeberg’s nuclear power station’s unit one generator has been the pesky culprit behind much of South Africa’s recent load-shedding woes. With a whopping capacity of around 970MW, its operational hiatus to replace steam generators hasn’t been easy on Eskom, or us.

Good News? Eskom revealed they’ve tackled the major chunk of the maintenance task. Now, they’re on the home stretch, focusing on “outage activities” sidelined during the core maintenance phase.

And here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: Once all is set and done, Eskom aims to sync the Koeberg Unit 1 back to the grid. The D-day? “3 November 2023,” assures the power utility. Fingers crossed!

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