Flickering Lights and Economic Strains: Eskom Announces Load Shedding Plans Amidst Colder Weather

South Africa’s power company, Eskom, announced an alternating load shedding schedule between stages 2 and 4 for the upcoming week. As colder temperatures sweep across the country, increasing the demand for electricity, the struggle to maintain sufficient power supply continues. Sporadic Power Outages Expected Beginning at 16h00 on Sunday (30 July), stage 4 load shedding […]

Beware of Phony Opportunities: Eskom Alerts Job Seekers on Internet Recruitment Fraud

The Rising Threat of Recruitment Fraud Amid the ongoing load shedding crisis, power utility giant Eskom faces another adversary – recruitment fraud. The company has issued a warning about devious scams that exploit hopeful job seekers by offering counterfeit job opportunities. The Scam’s Modus Operandi Eskom’s interim spokesperson, Daphne Mokoena, shed light on the latest […]

Substantial Loss of Infrastructure: 10,000 Litres of Transformer Oil Pilfered Amid Vandalism

Massive Outages Triggered by Vandalism and Theft Recent weeks have seen residents of Randburg’s suburbs suffering from constant outages, courtesy of vandalism and theft from local substations. These substations, jointly operated by City Power and Eskom, are responsible for powering a majority of the local area. The Growing Concern Over Infrastructure Protection Local Councillor and […]

Eskom Takes Charge of Ekurhuleni’s Load Shedding Amid Non-compliance Issues

Amid the growing load shedding crisis, national power provider Eskom has declared it will oversee load shedding for Ekurhuleni customers, following the city’s failure to adhere to load shedding regulations. Eskom cites Ekurhuleni’s continued inability to reduce load during system emergencies as the cause for the intervention. Ongoing Non-compliance Eskom’s decision comes in the wake […]