Eskom Takes Charge of Ekurhuleni’s Load Shedding Amid Non-compliance Issues

Amid the growing load shedding crisis, national power provider Eskom has declared it will oversee load shedding for Ekurhuleni customers, following the city’s failure to adhere to load shedding regulations. Eskom cites Ekurhuleni’s continued inability to reduce load during system emergencies as the cause for the intervention.

Ongoing Non-compliance

Eskom’s decision comes in the wake of continued monitoring and analysis of the City of Ekurhuleni’s actions, which indicated a flagrant disregard for compliance with load reduction regulations. “The decision to take over load shedding in Ekurhuleni follows monitoring and analysis conducted by Eskom, which indicate that the City of Ekurhuleni is not reducing the load as per (the regulations),” the utility explained.

A Matter of Necessity

Following numerous unsuccessful engagements with the municipality over its non-compliance, Eskom has deemed it necessary to seize control of the load shedding process from Tuesday, 24 July. Prior to this decision, Ekurhuleni was solely authorized to load shed substations that feed critical loads. However, upon the city’s request, Eskom assumed the responsibility for load shedding for all customers within the municipality.

Eskom notes that Ekurhuleni’s technical difficulties in implementing load shedding have left the power utility with no alternative but to step in. Eskom elaborated, “Failure to implement load shedding by municipalities affects the integrity and stability of the grid, which may lead to higher stages of load shedding.

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As the national grid continues to bear strain, Eskom was compelled to escalate load shedding to stage 5 on Monday, which was later reduced to stage 4 indefinitely.

The power utility implores the public to assist in mitigating load shedding by conserving their power usage, assuring it will maintain load shedding for Ekurhuleni customers based on the city’s load shedding schedules.

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