MTN’s Grand Leap: Nearing Perfect Network in Western Cape Amid Power Woes

On the Money: Back in March, MTN SA unveiled a whopping R1.5 billion strategy, with a mission in sight: fend off the headaches of power cuts, theft, and vandalism, and ensure a stronger, more resilient network for all. Now, the fruits of that investment are shining bright.

By the Numbers:

  • Investment Impact: MTN’s funding has led to an increase in network availability, matching top-tier global standards, even amidst frequent loadshedding.
  • Growth in Infrastructure: More sites were introduced, with a 2x rise in 5G sites in Western Cape alone.

“Our purpose is to accelerate digital access for as many South Africans as possible…”

Paul Newman, the man at the helm for MTN in the Western Cape, lays it out: a 90% network resilience completion rate, aiming for 93% by October’s end and a promising 97% by November.

In the past, load-shedding brought network availability down to 92%. But now? It’s soared to over 99%, and with MTN’s continuous push, it’s only getting better.

Beyond the Cities: With a sizable chunk of South Africans nestled in the countryside, MTN’s pledge is clear: reach the underserved. By 2025, the goal is a grand 95% rural broadband coverage. And this ambition isn’t just local – it echoes across the continent.

“While mobile has been driving digital inclusion… these uncovered communities are a key focus for us.”

Paul Newman underscores MTN’s commitment to bridging the connectivity gap, especially in rural spaces and semi-townships.

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Proof in the Pudding:

  • MyBroadband Insights Test: MTN recently stood out in a landmark network quality test. They breezed past ICASA’s benchmarks, boasting a Call Setup Success Ratio of 98.20% and a meager Dropped Call Ratio of 2.37%.
  • Battling Load-shedding: MTN’s resilience during power cuts has been lauded, thanks to major investments in batteries and backup generators, further amplifying network reliability.

“MTN will continue to play a bold role in accelerating South Africa’s development…”

The vision? A universal digital world. A space where everyone, from individual users to businesses, reaps the rewards of connectivity. MTN aims to be at the heart of this transformation.

A Call to Action:

However, there’s a caveat. Communities need to step up and safeguard against site vandalism, particularly during load-shedding spells.

“The impact of theft and vandalism of network sites remains a challenge…”

Paul Newman ends on a note of unity, emphasizing the collective fight against disruptions, and the significant role communities play in this battle.