Cold Front on the Horizon: City Power Encourages Responsible Electricity Usage

As a fresh cold snap looms, City Power is pleading with residents to exercise restraint in their energy usage to prevent overwhelming their service network.

City Power representative, Isaac Mangena, has spoken out regarding the imminent cold weather conditions, “We’re anticipating a significant temperature drop due to the approaching cold front. The onset of cold weather often brings a steep rise in electricity demand, exerting a heavy toll on our infrastructure and resources.”

Guarding Against Power Strains

In response to these anticipated frigid conditions, the power company has instated strategies to lessen the network’s potential strain during this time. Despite these precautions, they continue to stress the vital role that customers play in maintaining a steady power supply.

A chilling memory still lingers from the severe weather conditions two weeks ago. Mangena elaborates, “The combination of inclement weather and high levels of load shedding led to several of our substations tripping due to overcurrent, primarily during peak usage hours.”

Preventing Outages and Trips

City Power’s teams are tirelessly working to tackle existing outages across the city, while simultaneously mitigating post-load shedding trips. In an effort to avoid lengthy outages during the upcoming frosty spell, they are encouraging customer cooperation.

As the cold front approaches, Mangena reiterates his call to action for residents: “We implore customers to take action by lowering their electricity consumption. Remember to use power responsibly, making a point of switching off non-essential appliances.” The mutual effort, he insists, is essential in these challenging times.

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