Beware of Phony Opportunities: Eskom Alerts Job Seekers on Internet Recruitment Fraud

The Rising Threat of Recruitment Fraud

Amid the ongoing load shedding crisis, power utility giant Eskom faces another adversary – recruitment fraud. The company has issued a warning about devious scams that exploit hopeful job seekers by offering counterfeit job opportunities.

The Scam’s Modus Operandi

Eskom’s interim spokesperson, Daphne Mokoena, shed light on the latest ruse. It revolves around fraudulent job postings for the Medupi Power Station, where phony ads lure job seekers across the nation into a well-orchestrated trap.

“Unsuspecting job seekers from all over the country would then apply and be lured to bogus interviews in Gauteng,” she revealed. In many instances, these individuals were coaxed into bringing money to cover expenses such as accommodation and transport. They were also duped into depositing additional funds for medical assessments and personal protective equipment.

Joint Operation Leads to Arrests

The scams led to a slew of complaints from the public, triggering Eskom’s joint action with law enforcement. As a result, three suspects were apprehended and appeared before the Randburg Magistrate’s Court in Gauteng. A subsequent court appearance is scheduled for August 16.

Eskom’s Guidance to Job Seekers

Mokoena encourages job seekers to verify vacancies through the official Eskom recruitment website at, and to be wary of links found elsewhere on the internet.

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Increased Cyber Crime Activities

The warning coincides with an alarming report from cyber crime experts, Kaspersky, which has seen a rise in scams exploiting human resources credentials, especially during the summer holidays in Europe. The report noted a particular surge in phishing attacks targeting regions like the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and notably South Africa, where a 7% increase was observed in Q1 of 2023.