Eskom Tempers Load Shedding Stages Over the Weekend – See The Adjusted Roster

Renowned power corporation, Eskom, has announced a shift in its load shedding strategy for the upcoming weekend. While the daunting stage 4 load shedding will persist during the nocturnal hours, the load shedding stages will lessen during daylight hours.

The grim reality of stage 4 load shedding will loom over this Friday (28 July) until the early hours of Saturday, where it will make way for stage 3 until late afternoon, only to revert to stage 4 as nightfall descends.

Come Sunday, Eskom offers a ray of respite as stage 2 load shedding takes over during the day. However, as the new week looms, stage 4 load shedding reclaims its position.

Interestingly, it’s worth noting that during the much-anticipated rugby face-off between South Africa and Argentina this Saturday, stage 4 load shedding will be the order of the day.

The revised schedule unfolds as follows:

Friday, 28 July

  • Stage 4: Up to midnight

Saturday, 29 July

  • Stage 4: Midnight to 05h00
  • Stage 3: 05h00 to 16h00
  • Stage 4: 16h00 to midnight

Sunday, 30 July

  • Stage 4: Midnight to 05h00
  • Stage 2: 05h00 to 16h00
  • Stage 4: 16h00 to midnight

Eskom acknowledged the uphill battle it faces to mitigate breakdowns and limit power cuts below the 15,000MW threshold.

Within the last 24 hours, breakdowns diminished to 16,686MW of the power-generating capacity, while capacity allocated for planned maintenance was recorded at 3,966MW.

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The report shed light on some optimistic developments; a power-generating unit at Camden, Duvha, and dual units at Kendal power stations have been restored to service.

Conversely, a unit at Medupi and two units at Kriel power stations have been taken offline for rectifications.

The continued delay in reinstating a generating unit at Kendal, Majuba, and a pair of units at Tutuka power stations is adding to the existing capacity constraints.