Joburg Power Cuts Pose Threat to Local Businesses

Johannesburg’s City Power has implemented load reduction in parts of the city, posing a significant threat to local businesses. The utility has targeted areas with high electricity usage levels to prevent system overloads. Impact on Businesses While the primary impact of load reduction will be on residences, local businesses are also facing severe disruptions. According […]

City Power Enforces Load Reduction Measures to Curb Electricity Use in Johannesburg

City Power has announced stringent measures to reduce electricity consumption across Johannesburg. The measures come as the city’s power usage hits critical levels, threatening the stability of the grid. This announcement coincides with South Africa’s record 72 days without load-shedding, a feat last achieved between December 2021 and February 2022. Ripple Relay Systems and Illegal […]

Joburg Residents Warned of Potential Load Reduction and Load Shedding

City Power has alerted residents in several Johannesburg suburbs about the possibility of simultaneous load reduction and load shedding if electricity usage remains high during the winter months. Warning Issued by City Power City Power has cautioned that high electricity consumption in certain areas could destabilize the grid, especially during the peak winter demand. High-Usage […]

Load Shedding in Joburg: City Power Takes Charge

The Handover: The Power Shift: From next Monday, Joburg’s City Power will have their hands on the load shedding button, bringing relief to residents who’ve been under the dark cloud of four-hour power cuts. What’s Changing?: “Areas that are load shed by City Power will remain on a two-hour schedule even during Stages 5 and […]

Substantial Loss of Infrastructure: 10,000 Litres of Transformer Oil Pilfered Amid Vandalism

Massive Outages Triggered by Vandalism and Theft Recent weeks have seen residents of Randburg’s suburbs suffering from constant outages, courtesy of vandalism and theft from local substations. These substations, jointly operated by City Power and Eskom, are responsible for powering a majority of the local area. The Growing Concern Over Infrastructure Protection Local Councillor and […]