Cape Town’s Facilities Management Department Implements New Strategies Amid Energy Crisis

Today, on World Facilities Management Day, the Facilities Management profession is celebrated for ensuring that an organisation’s facilities remain healthy, safe, and productive. The City of Cape Town recognises the department’s hard work that has gone into providing generators and inverters across various City facilities.

The City’s Facilities Management Department has been successful in the following facilities:

  • Hillstar Municipal Building
  • Ottery Municipal Complex
  • Rochester Road Metro Police Building
  • Pinelands Municipal Building
  • Wesfleur Municipal Building, Atlantis

The City plans on installing eight more generators at various facilities altogether, including Pienaar Road Traffic Department (Milnerton), Pinelands Municipal building, and Somerset West Municipal Building.

Moreover, the City is also starting its inverter and PV Solar installation program and is currently installing inverters with dedicated circuits to power up public interferences and revenue collection. The City is looking into innovative ways to mitigate the energy crisis by installing inverters and portable power stations.

Fast Tracking Power Solutions

The City is working creatively on ways to fast track the supply of Portable Power Stations ranging from 600W to 3600W, catering to staff who need backup power to work during load-shedding.

Smart Technologies

The generators require ongoing maintenance and monitoring, which is why the City has invested in smart technologies to enable facility managers to monitor generators remotely. These smart technologies would help the facility managers track, control and monitor generators remotely throughout the City.

Hot Desks

Hot desks are another practical initiative implemented to mitigate load-shedding’s effects on productivity. The City has repurposed empty spaces like meeting rooms and chambers at key City locations across Cape Town to assist staff who are working remotely with a workspace during extended periods of load-shedding.

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Overall, the City of Cape Town is actively exploring various ways to overcome the energy crisis. They have been proactive in their response, providing necessary backup power options, and implementing the latest technology to improve facility management services. This is a significant move that shows the significant difference achieved through innovative thinking and proactive efforts. The future of the City’s facilities management looks promising, offering uninterrupted service delivery.

Read the official update on the official Cape Town Website, click here.

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