Eskom Load Shedding Update

Load Shedding Rundown

South Africa’s trusty power supplier, Eskom, dropped a bombshell: stage 4 load shedding isn’t going anywhere soon. With the seasons shifting, some economists are shaking their heads, predicting even gloomier power days ahead.

Based on Eskom’s recent announcement from 31 August, here’s the lowdown:

  • Stage 4 is in full swing and will run continuously, wrapping up at the dawn of Sunday.
  • After that? We switch gears to Stage 2 until 4 pm.

Eskom explained the rationale behind this, stating, “We need to revitalize our emergency generation reserves and prep for the week ahead with some essential maintenance.”

The Weekly Breakdown

  • Thursday, 31 August: Stage 4 (All day)
  • Friday, 1 September: Stage 4 (All day)
  • Saturday, 2 September: Stage 4 (All day)
  • Sunday, 3 September: Stage 4 until 5 am, then Stage 2 kicks in.

Eskom’s current stats? A breakdown of 14,953MW generating capacity, just shy of their 15,000MW aim. Additionally, 5,914MW is sidelined for scheduled maintenance.

Power Station Updates

  • Units at Arnot and Kriel are on a repair break.
  • But the good news? Units at Arnot, Duvha, and Tutuka have been resurrected and are up and running.
  • However, Kendal and Tutuka stations have seen a hiccup in getting a unit back online, adding to the ongoing power pinch.

With an evening peak demand forecast of 27,639MW, Eskom’s plea is straightforward: “Folks, every watt counts. If it’s not essential, flick it off!”

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