Who Needs Eskom? Hohm Energy’s Betting R3.6bn on Rays for Days

Revolutionizing Rooftop Solar: Hohm Energy Shines in SA’s ClimateTech Scene
In the bustling market of renewable energy, Hohm Energy emerges as a game-changer, having crafted over 17,500 custom solar proposals with a staggering value of R3.6 billion, all thanks to its bespoke solar engineering software.

A Festive Season with a Renewable Twist
Breaking away from the cliché holiday adverts, Hohm Energy’s latest social video campaign aims to bolster the shift towards rooftop solar, capturing the spirit of giving with a sustainable edge.

Impressive Import Impact and User Engagement
By September, solar panel imports in South Africa soared to R18 billion, translating into a whopping 4.5GW of potential energy. Hohm Energy’s ‘Solar as a Service’ (SaaS) platform has attracted over 37,000 users, democratizing access to clean energy.

The Architect Behind Hohm Energy’s Vision
Tim Ohlsen, CEO of Hohm Energy, is on a mission to simplify the solar system acquisition maze for homeowners. His platform is the nexus between customers and reputable solar installers, also navigating the realm of solar financing with ease.

By the Numbers: Hohm Energy’s Radiant Reach

  • User Base: Over 37,000 South Africans connected to solar solutions
  • Solar Proposals: More than 17,500 matches, totaling R3.6bn in value
  • Financing Facilitation: Directed R1.6bn in loan applications to banking partners
  • Installer Network: 55 vetted installers delivering across the nation
  • Price Spectrum: Offers ranging from R48K to R980k, with an average of R205K
  • Financing Innovation: Partnerships with leading banks streamline solar adoption
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The Hohm Energy Promise
Ohlsen emphasizes the ease and accessibility Hohm Energy brings to acquiring solar systems. Through strong banking ties, the company is transforming South Africa’s energy landscape, making the leap to clean power not just feasible but also financially attractive.

A Beacon of ClimateTech Advancement
At the intersection of technology and ecology, Hohm Energy is leading the charge towards a greener future. With every installation, South Africa inches closer to a low-carbon horizon, marking Hohm Energy as a pivotal player in the global push for environmental stewardship.

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