Johannesburg’s City Power Reinstates 4-Hour Load Shedding Blocks

New Schedule Announced:

  • Shift to 4-Hour Blocks: In response to customer feedback, Johannesburg’s City Power has reverted to a 4-hour load shedding schedule, particularly during higher stages (5 to 8) of power cuts.
  • Aiming for Stability: The change aims to provide Johannesburg residents with more consistent electricity availability.

Background of Changes:

  • Previous Challenges: Initially, City Power attempted 2-hour load shedding blocks after taking over from Eskom in late 2023. However, this approach led to frequent outages, especially during higher load shedding stages.
  • Customer Discontent: The utility’s customers often faced two load shedding blocks in quick succession, leading to dissatisfaction and calls for a more sustainable solution.

Technical Hurdles and Solutions:

  • Resolving Technical Issues: City Power acknowledged technical difficulties with the 2-hour block system and has now shifted back to the earlier 4-hour format.
  • Communications via Social Media: Updates and announcements regarding these changes have been actively shared on X (formerly Twitter).

Impact of Higher Load Shedding Stages:

  • Increased Frequency at Higher Stages: As Eskom escalates load shedding stages, the frequency and duration of power cuts also increase. In Stage 6, for instance, some areas experienced power cuts for up to 10 hours.
  • 4-Hour Blocks as a Remedy: By returning to 4-hour blocks, City Power aims to alleviate the issue of repeated and closely spaced outages.
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Looking Forward:

  • Claims of Improved Program: City Power asserts that the return to a 4-hour load shedding schedule, akin to Eskom’s approach, will resolve the problems caused by the 2-hour blocks.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The utility commits to closely monitoring the situation and adapting strategies as needed to ensure more stable power supply.

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