City Power Clarifies Load Shedding Confusion Amid Outcry from Residents

Over the weekend, residents in City Power’s jurisdiction voiced their frustrations online about excessive power outages, with claims of Stage 8 load shedding swirling after unexpected hours in the dark. City Power, however, has firmly rejected these assertions.

No Stage 8 Load Shedding

In the face of public discontent, City Power’s spokesperson Isaac Mangena responded to allegations, asserting that the utility strictly adhered to the prescribed Stage 6 load shedding schedule. Reports of Stage 8 load shedding were unequivocally denied amidst complaints from consumers, including noted energy expert Chris Yelland, about prolonged blackouts.

City Power’s Load Shedding Protocol

Explaining the process, Mangena emphasized compliance with the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) guidelines for equitable load shedding. According to these standards, during a Stage 1 load shedding event, City Power contributes 120 Megawatts to Eskom’s grid. Mangena provided a breakdown of the recent load shedding blocks to illustrate City Power’s adherence to the protocol.

Understanding the Load Shedding Stages

Mangena delineated the structure of City Power’s load shedding strategy, detailing the frequency of outages residents should anticipate at various stages:

  • Stage 1: Customers face one power cut per day.
  • Stage 2: Outages may occur once or twice.
  • Stage 3: Two to three power cuts are possible.
  • Stage 4: All customers experience three outages.
  • Stage 5: Three to four power cuts throughout the day.
  • Stage 6: Four to five outages, with up to 10 hours without power.
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Protection for Jobs and Essential Services

In his statement, Mangena highlighted the exclusion of industrial and business customers, as well as essential services, from the load shedding rota. This strategic move aims to safeguard jobs, sustain investments, and protect lives even as the community grapples with power supply challenges.

Reassurance Amidst Power Panic

City Power’s message sought to reassure customers that while the inconvenience of load shedding is palpable, protocols are in place to manage the necessary power cuts as efficiently as possible, and the claims of Stage 8 load shedding are unfounded. The utility also promised to keep the public informed on any future changes to the power supply schedule.

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