The Rise of Independent Power Producers in South Africa

According to recent projections, Eskom’s role as the dominant supplier of electricity in South Africa may soon come to an end. As independent power producers, big companies, and rooftop solar installations continue to grow in popularity, it’s predicted that by 2025, Eskom will be producing less electricity than other sources. An assessment conducted by Rand […]

South Africa’s Just Energy Transition: Funding and Commitments

South Africa’s electricity supply has been plagued with rolling blackouts known as load shedding due to decades of underinvestment and mismanagement of the public utility Eskom. However, according to the official source,, all hands are on deck to ensure the severity and frequency of load shedding is reduced in the immediate term and eventually […]

How Load Shedding in Tshwane Affects Water Supply and Infrastructure

The Ongoing Struggle with Load Shedding Load shedding, particularly at stage 6, has become a major concern for the City of Tshwane. The area’s electricity infrastructure is under tremendous stress, and officials are sounding the alarm. The Unintended Consequences of Load Shedding Themba Fosi, the MMC for utilities and regional operations and coordination, warns that […]

South Africa’s Power Shortages Threaten Global Platinum Markets

South Africa’s power supply crisis may have far-reaching consequences for the global platinum market, warns a new industry report prepared for Singapore-based Auctus Metal Portfolios. If power outages in the country continue and disrupt production, the impact on platinum production may be catastrophic. South Africa produces 73% of the world’s platinum, so any profound decline […]