Private Power’s High Stakes: New Grid Connection Rules Could Deter Investors

In what seems to be a daunting curveball to potential investors, recent regulations for large-scale private power connections to the grid could significantly escalate the initial investment outlay, warns the South African Independent Power Producers Association (Saippa). Stricter Regulatory Landscape Eskom, South Africa’s principal electricity supplier, recently rolled out a set of new rules for […]

A Major Shift in South Africa’s Load Shedding Landscape

After three weeks of suspended daytime load shedding, South Africa has witnessed a significant influence on its load shedding trendline, contributing to more optimistic long-term trend data. Independent energy analyst, Pieter Jordaan, has shed light on these developments in his recent Power Availability Statistics report for the 25th week of the year. From Blackout Hours […]

Bracing for Power Challenges: Eskom and the Unlikely Scenario of Stage 16 Load-Shedding

Navigating New Regulations There’s been a new development in South Africa’s ongoing energy saga. The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has been presented with a set of regulations by the National Rationalised Specifications (NRS) Association of South Africa. These guidelines outline how power utility Eskom could execute load-shedding up to an unprecedented Stage […]

Stage 6 Load Shedding Returns: Eskom Ramps Up Power Cuts

Power Cuts Intensify: The Return of Stage 6 Load Shedding On Monday, the 29th of May, power utility giant Eskom has announced an escalation in load shedding to stage 6. The reason behind this drastic shift? A delay in reactivating ten crucial power grid units. Load Shedding Schedule According to Eskom, the schedule for Monday […]

Load Shedding Sparks Public Outrage: Durban’s Protests Heat Up

Widespread Discontent Spurs Civic Action This past Friday saw an avalanche of dissatisfaction pour into the streets of Durban as residents banded together, voicing their protest against the eThekwini municipality’s forecasted hikes in electricity, water, sanitation, and other utilities rates. The Unite Durban Coalition: A United Front These impassioned locals congregated under the emblem of […]