eThekwini Municipality Temporarily Suspends Load Shedding: New Schedule Underway

In a welcome relief for residents of eThekwini Municipality, load shedding has been temporarily suspended for today, according to an official announcement. The municipality’s decision aims to allow their teams sufficient time to prepare the system for the implementation of a new load shedding schedule, which will take effect from tomorrow, May 25, 2023.

Preparing for the New Schedule

The municipality emphasized the need to configure their automated load shedding system to align with the upcoming schedule. Suspending load shedding for today enables the necessary adjustments to be made, ensuring a seamless transition when the new schedule comes into force.

To assist with load shedding management, the municipality urged residents to follow these guidelines:

  • Switch off high-load appliances: During power outages, it is crucial to turn off appliances such as geysers, stoves, heaters, air-conditioners, and pool pumps to avoid overloading the system. Residents are advised to stagger switching them back on once power is restored.
  • Power consumption reduction: The municipality strongly encourages everyone to reduce their power consumption during load shedding periods.

Accessing the New Schedule

Residents seeking information on the revised load shedding schedule can visit the City’s website or utilize the provided link. By inputting their address or suburb in the interactive map, individuals can determine their specific block and access the corresponding schedule.

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Background: Reduced Load Shedding and Infrastructure Repairs

eThekwini Municipality has been operating at a reduced level of load shedding since the devastating floods in April 2022, which severely impacted the City’s electrical network. While the infrastructure is not yet fully repaired to pre-flood levels, the municipality acknowledges the importance of reducing the load to safeguard the national grid.

Lindiwe Khuzwayo, the head of communications for eThekwini, highlighted that the revised schedule includes amended block allocations to accommodate the necessary changes. Notably, blocks 17 to 20, comprising areas with significant industrial activity, will experience four-hour load shedding periods starting from Stage 7.

Reporting Electricity-Related Issues

Residents are encouraged to report any electricity-related issues they encounter. The municipality has provided multiple avenues for reporting, including:

By promptly reporting issues, residents can contribute to the efficient management and resolution of electricity-related concerns.

As eThekwini Municipality undertakes these preparatory measures, residents can anticipate the implementation of a revised load shedding schedule that aligns with national standards. Adhering to the schedule and practicing energy-conscious habits will assist in navigating the challenges posed by load shedding, ensuring a more stable power supply for the community.