Kusile Unit 2 Powers Up Early, Bringing Hope Amid Load Shedding Spike

Ahead of Time: Eskom’s Kusile Power Station sees its Unit 2 reconnected to the national grid earlier than anticipated, delivering a crucial 800 MW boost.

Operational Triumph: Daphne Mokwena, Eskom’s spokesperson, announced the early synchronization of Unit 2 on Tuesday, marking a win for Eskom’s recovery strategy aiming for a 70% energy availability factor by March 2025.

Strengthening the Grid: This early achievement follows the advanced reactivation of Unit 1 in October and Unit 3 on September 30, cumulatively contributing an impressive 2,400 MW.

Impactful Contribution: The three units’ return reduces load shedding intensity by approximately two and a half stages, with Kusile’s total output now reaching a notable 3,200 MW.

Acknowledging Dedication: Mokwena extends gratitude to the Kusile team for their hard work and expedited delivery of power to the nation.

Contrasting Challenges: Despite this progress, Eskom alerted the public to an increase in load shedding to Stage 6 starting 8pm Tuesday, citing the critical need to rebuild emergency reserves.

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