Load Shedding Escalates: Tuesday Faces Stage 5 Intensity

Unexpected Setbacks for Eskom

In a surprising turn of events, four additional units at Eskom have faltered, ushering in the continuance of stage 5 load shedding this Tuesday.

A Peek into Today’s Scenario:

  • From 10h00 to 16h00: Eskom is mandating stage 5 load shedding, due to the unfortunate loss of four generation units.
  • Earlier this morning: There was a brief dip to stage 4 until 05h00.
  • Upcoming Information: Eskom promises further clarity with an update later today.

Despite initial projections aiming to keep the load shedding flux between stages 2 to 4 for this week, unforeseen generation losses on Monday mandated an elevation to stage 4. A crucial necessity to bolster emergency reserves even prompted the leap to stage 5 on Monday night.

However, Tuesday’s optimism for resuming lower stages hasn’t seen fruition.

Country on Alert: The nation stands warned. There’s a palpable anticipation of more intense load shedding in the foreseeable future. This is all in line with Eskom’s goal of bringing a greater number of megawatts online before this year concludes.

Insights from the Electricity Minister: At Sunday’s press briefing, Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa laid bare the challenges:

  • High, Unpredictable Demand: Eskom has been grappling with erratic demands.
  • Frequent Outages: Eskom’s track record has been marred with several unplanned interruptions.
  • Maintenance Overdrive: Post-winter, planned maintenance has witnessed a significant surge.
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Yet, amidst the challenges, the minister remains hopeful. With the Kusile Power Station slated to augment the grid’s capacity in the upcoming quarter, he foresees improvement. But he candidly expressed, “the situation is likely to remain volatile.”

The minister didn’t mince words about the potential severity if planned maintenance clashed with spontaneous unit failures. He commented, “If (planned maintenance) coincides with a number of units failing on their own, then you are exposed. And the only option available to us is intensified load shedding.”

Highlighting Eskom’s and the government’s unwavering commitment, he concluded, “It is a calculated risk. We are going to do this the right way; we are going to fix these units. It’s a short-term pain for long-term gain.”

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