The Dark Side of Energy Dependence: Imagining Life without SA’s Electricity Grid

As South Africa continues to experience record power outages, businesses are increasingly preparing for the potential collapse of the country’s electricity grid, despite government assurances that such an event will not occur. Mining and telecommunications companies, retailers, and private hospitals are investing millions in batteries, solar panels, and generators to safeguard their operations as the […]

Fighting Load Shedding Restrictions for Hospitals, Police Stations, and Schools

Load-shedding, a method of power reduction used by Eskom, has been a frequent occurrence in South Africa. It has severely affected essential services, including hospitals, police stations, and schools. In response, nineteen organisations, such as civil society organisations, trade unions, and political parties, have taken legal action to exempt these critical sectors from rotational power […]

Load shedding may lead to food shedding, which could result in tough times ahead for South Africans

In a recent article published on the Daily Maverick website, author Christo van der Rheede highlights the devastating impact that rolling blackouts have had on South Africa’s agriculture sector and its potential impact on food security. While load shedding has affected every sector of the economy, agriculture has been hit particularly hard, with numerous commodities […]

Lights Out, Profits Down: Estimating the Economic Impact of Load Shedding on MTN

South Africa’s second-largest mobile network, MTN, has revealed that load-shedding cost the company R695 million in 2022. MTN Group’s annual results showed that the national grid’s power availability worsened in the second half of the year, negatively impacting MTN’s operating conditions. The company estimates that the load-shedding’s overall impact resulted in a negative impact of […]