Eskom Brightens the Weekend: Pauses Load Shedding Again

In a surprising turn, Eskom gave South Africans a bit of relief today, August 27th, by pushing the pause button on load shedding – and this isn’t the first time this weekend.

A Weekend Win
For those keeping track, this is round two of Eskom’s blackout breaks this weekend. Earlier today, the power giant halted load shedding from a crisp 02:10 in the morning until the late afternoon at 16:00. Why? Well, it seems like we weren’t as power-hungry as expected, and Eskom’s emergency power stash was looking pretty good.

But hold on to your hats, because Eskom mentioned, “We’ll be back with more updates on our load shedding game plan for the upcoming week.”

Saturday’s Surprise
Quick rewind to yesterday: Eskom played the same card, taking a load shedding break from 12:50 till 16:00.

Future Glimmers?
Now, here’s some more interesting juice. Remember the Kusile temporary stacks project? Eskom planned to have one unit pumping power by November end, with the other two following in December. But guess what? The power behemoth hinted that they might fire up two units by mid-November and wrap it up in December. That’s 2,880 MW or, in layman’s terms, three less stages of load shedding!

Eskom sprinkled a bit more optimism, sharing that post-refurbishment, Koeberg, our sole nuclear champ, might throw in an extra 900 MW come November. That could mean dodging another load shedding stage.

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South Africans can only hope this winning streak isn’t just a weekend fling. Fingers crossed for a brighter year-end.

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