Battling Load Shedding: ‘UPS’ Emerges as a Top Search Trend on Takealot Last Year

Adapting to Load Shedding: South Africans Turn to Power Solutions

As load shedding continues with no resolution in sight, South Africans are actively seeking ways to cope with these ongoing power disruptions.

Takealot, a popular online retailer, has observed a significant increase in sales for load shedding mitigation products, including rechargeable light bulbs and petrol generators.

Takealot’s Data Highlights:

  • Last year, “UPS” ranked as the third most-searched term on the platform
  • The number of brands offering power solutions nearly doubled
  • There was a 3,000% GMV growth in sales of generators, UPS devices, and inverters

Takealot’s CEO, Frederik Zietsman, predicts that this trend will likely continue as more consumers allocate a larger portion of their disposable income to power solutions.

Portable Power Bank

Shifting Consumer Priorities

  • Zietsman notes that consumers are deprioritizing discretionary items in favor of load shedding categories
  • As people come to terms with the ongoing reality of load shedding, they are more willing to invest in higher-priced power solutions

Innovative Power Solutions

  • The popularity of lithium batteries is driving demand for more reliable and long-lasting solutions
  • Takealot has experienced a 40% increase in load shedding products since 2020, and a 50% increase in the number of brands offering such products

Accessibility and Affordability

  • The availability of multiple options has made load shedding products more accessible and affordable
  • Zietsman: “A year ago, we would’ve probably had one inverter at a specific price point – but, today, we have a variety of product options all at different price points from multiple brands.”
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The market for power solutions is growing rapidly as South Africans look for ways to adapt to the persistent issue of load shedding. With a wider variety of options now available, consumers have more choices to find the right solution for their needs.

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