We’ve asked A.I Chat-GPT4 how to solve Load Shedding

And here’s the response we received: To address load shedding effectively, South Africa, its government, and Eskom need to work together on a comprehensive strategy that addresses short-term and long-term solutions. Some key areas to focus on include: By working together and focusing on these areas, South Africa can effectively address load shedding and build […]

Confirmed: Electricity Rates to Soar by Nearly 19% in April, Despite Presidential Request

In a recent announcement, South Africa’s energy regulator, the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa), confirmed that the proposed 18.65% tariff increase would go ahead, despite President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plea for reconsideration. The news comes as a disappointment to many South Africans struggling with ongoing load shedding and rising electricity costs. Breaking Down the Tariff […]

The Dark Side of Energy Dependence: Imagining Life without SA’s Electricity Grid

As South Africa continues to experience record power outages, businesses are increasingly preparing for the potential collapse of the country’s electricity grid, despite government assurances that such an event will not occur. Mining and telecommunications companies, retailers, and private hospitals are investing millions in batteries, solar panels, and generators to safeguard their operations as the […]