Battling Load Shedding: ‘UPS’ Emerges as a Top Search Trend on Takealot Last Year

Adapting to Load Shedding: South Africans Turn to Power Solutions As load shedding continues with no resolution in sight, South Africans are actively seeking ways to cope with these ongoing power disruptions. Takealot, a popular online retailer, has observed a significant increase in sales for load shedding mitigation products, including rechargeable light bulbs and petrol […]

Minister’s Bold Statement: Ending Load Shedding and Tackling Electricity Challenges

Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa is confident that the country’s load shedding problems will be resolved, expressing his dedication to fixing the electricity issues at the heart of the matter. United Against Load Shedding “We are in this together; the problems with load shedding will be resolved,” Ramokgopa assured. He believes that collaboration between the government, Eskom, […]

The Struggle of Township Taverns and Pubs Amid Load Shedding

The ongoing load shedding crisis is hitting thousands of township taverns and pubs hard, as customers avoid establishments that can’t offer cold beer, light, and music. Oupa Mthombeni, president of the Concerned Tshwane Liquor Traders Association, has spoken out about the issue, highlighting the following challenges facing these businesses: A Cry for Help from the […]