Frankfort, South Africa: A Town Reducing Load Shedding & Challenging Eskom


  • Frankfort, a South African town, experiences less frequent load shedding due to Rural Maintenance’s local solar farm power supply.
  • Eskom, the national power utility, is displeased and threatening to block Rural Maintenance’s efforts.
  • A Johannesburg High Court meeting is set to resolve the dispute and potentially set a precedent for Independent Power Producers (IPP) in South Africa.

Introducing Rural Maintenance:

  • Independent power producer operating in the Mafube Local Municipality.
  • Manages power distribution for over a decade.
  • Supplies electricity from four local solar farms at more affordable rates than Eskom.

The Dispute:

  • The primary issue: Can Rural Maintenance implement its own load-shedding schedules?
  • The broader implication: Will newly established solar farms be used to their full capacity?

Why Eskom is Worried:

  • Eskom fears a surge of towns seeking private generation, decreasing its revenue and causing a flood of private generation applications.

Frankfort as a Testing Ground:

  • Frankfort served as an ideal pilot for community-driven load shedding reduction.
  • Rural Maintenance launched five successful initiatives to bring about new power.
  • Customized load shedding schedules were created for different types of power consumers.

Contrasting Frankfort with the Rest of the Nation:

  • Some days, the town experiences no load shedding due to its surplus power generation.
  • The rest of the nation suffers from elevated levels of load shedding almost daily.

A Crucial Judgment Ahead:

  • Rural Maintenance CEO Chris Bosch highlights the importance of a favorable judgment on April 5th.
  • The community is weary of Eskom’s inability to supply electricity and its resistance to alternative solutions.
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Company Background:

  • Rural Maintenance started providing electricity maintenance services for Eskom in 1993.
  • In August 2019, the company branched into solar development to further reduce energy costs.
  • Offers a range of services for municipalities, including metering systems, managing bulk electricity offtake points, and consumption monitoring.

This legal battle between Rural Maintenance and Eskom in the Johannesburg High Court could have lasting implications for the future of IPPs in South Africa. As Frankfort serves as a successful example of a community reducing load shedding efficiently, other towns may soon follow suit if Rural Maintenance secures a favorable ruling. The dispute underscores the importance of alternative energy sources and the ongoing struggle to balance national utility control with innovative local solutions.