The rise of borrowing in South Africa due to load-shedding

South Africans are turning to “solar loans” to install private energy systems at their homes or businesses due to the frequent power outages known as load-shedding, according to FNB CEO Jacques Celliers. He stated that many customers are investing in solar panels and equipment to cope with energy disruptions and are financing these infrastructural adjustments […]

South Africa Implements Tougher Load Shedding Stages to Combat Electricity Shortages

The National Rationalised Specifications (NRS) Association of South Africa is actively engaged in the development of new load shedding stages in the country. The NRS Association is a collaborative forum of organizations formed to standardize equipment specifications in the South African Electricity Supply Industry. The NRS 048-9 Code of Practice, which governs load shedding, is […]

Amidst SASSA’s payment failures, DA reveals ANC’s plan to implement social grant loadshedding in 2024

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is receiving an increasing number of complaints about the South African government’s inability to pay social grants to vulnerable beneficiaries, including Child Support Grants, Old Age Pensions, and Disability Grants. Since November 2022, many beneficiaries have been turned away from SASSA pay-points and informed that there is no money in their […]