Finance Minister Highlights Challenges and Reforms in Budget Speech

Economic Roadblocks in the Spotlight During the Budget Speech at Cape Town City Hall on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana underscored the strides in structural reforms amidst persistent hurdles like load shedding and freight rail inefficiencies. Key Takeaways: Energy Sector Insights: Logistics and Rail Reforms: Finance Minister Godongwana’s speech illuminated the government’s […]

Eskom Downgrades to Continuous Stage 3 Load Shedding

Eskom has declared a consistent stage 3 load shedding schedule indefinitely, following efforts to boost its emergency reserves. Key Points: Current Power Status: Eskom’s Assurance: In this latest turn of events, Eskom’s decision to maintain stage 3 load shedding highlights a strategic approach to managing limited power resources amidst ongoing challenges. Accessing Load Shedding Schedules […]

Minister Ramokgopa’s Tough Admission: Load Shedding Far from Over

Persistent Load-Shedding: A Harsh Reality Ramokgopa’s Role and New Powers Roadmap for Eskom’s Transformation The Broader Impact While South Africa had a brief respite from load-shedding during the holidays, the return of power cuts underscores the ongoing struggle with an aging and unreliable power fleet. Minister Ramokgopa’s expanded role in addressing transmission constraints and Eskom’s […]

Eskom’s Load Shedding Escalates to Stage 3

Stage 2 Load Shedding Implemented Unexpectedly: Schedule Adjustments: Festive Season Reprieve Ends: Eskom’s Commitment: Accessing Load Shedding Schedules We are pleased to inform you that accessing load shedding schedules tailored to your specific area is now simplified, thanks to How to Access the Schedule: If you’re uncertain about your suburb’s name, kindly refer to […]

Eskom’s Updated Load-Shedding Schedule

Eskom’s Temporary Reprieve Extended JOHANNESBURG: Eskom, South Africa’s main electricity provider, has announced a brief extension of the current load-shedding hiatus. The suspension of power cuts will continue until the early hours of Monday, 11 December 2023. This Week’s Load-Shedding Plan Reason for Higher Stages Current Power Status Note for ConsumersEskom urges consumers to stay […]