Eskom’s Load-Shedding Rundown for the Week

At a Glance:

  • On the Clock: From Monday, it’s a daily on-and-off routine.

Heads up, folks! Eskom has just shared the scoop on the week’s power plans. Feeling the relief of the 24-hour break from load-shedding? Good news – they’re extending it! But come Monday evening, it’s back to the grind.

Current State of Affairs Eskom’s recent noon update reveals a “stable” generating capacity, albeit with breakdowns amassing 13,158MW. Add to that a 6,050MW chunk off the grid for routine maintenance.

The Week Ahead

  • Monday (16th Oct) to Wednesday (18th Oct): Here’s the drill:
    • Midnight to 5 am: Stage 2
    • 5 am to 4 pm: suspended
    • 4 pm to 5 am (next day): Stage 2

“This pattern will be repeated daily until further notice,” Eskom drops the line.

In Short: It’s an on-off dance with Eskom this week. Keep that in mind and plan accordingly! Stay tuned for more updates.

Accessing Load Shedding Schedules

We are pleased to inform you that accessing load shedding schedules tailored to your specific area is now simplified, thanks to

How to Access the Schedule:

  1. Visit Load shedding Schedule.
  2. Enter your suburb name to view the schedule for upcoming days.

If you’re uncertain about your suburb’s name, kindly refer to Eskom’s Loadshedding Site for assistance.

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Device Compatibility: The platform is optimized for a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Pro-tip: Bookmark your suburb on the site for quicker access in the future.