Eskom Lightens Load-Shedding Schedule: Stage 3 to Kick in at 4 PM

Amid improving generation capacity, Eskom tweaks its load-shedding schedule, providing relief for energy-weary South Africans.

South Africa’s primary energy provider, Eskom, has issued an updated load-shedding schedule. The new scheme, set to begin at 4 PM today, 6th June 2023, ushers in Stage 3 load-shedding until midnight. Following this, a reprieve from load-shedding is granted from midnight until 4 PM on 7th June.

The New Load-shedding Pattern

This revised routine, which suspends load-shedding from midnight to 4 PM and reinstates Stage 3 from 4 PM until midnight, will be in effect daily until further notice.

Eskom stated, “The available generation capacity has seen further improvements, allowing us to implement Stage 3 load-shedding only over the evening peak periods.”

Updates will be forthcoming as significant changes transpire, Eskom added.

Offline Generation Capacity

The energy giant is currently grappling with 2,407MW of generation capacity offline for planned maintenance, with an additional 16,056MW unavailable due to breakdowns.

Returning and Failing Units

Despite hiccups in resuscitating a generating unit at Arnot, Camden, and Hendrina power stations, Eskom reported progress in bolstering its generation capacity. The past 24 hours saw units at Kriel and Majuba power stations restored to service, while units at Duvha, Hendrina, Kendal, Lethabo, and Matla power stations were sidelined due to breakdowns.

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The utility reassured South Africans of its unwavering commitment to remedy the situation, with teams working tirelessly to return offline units to service.

Eskom expressed gratitude towards citizens who are mindful of their electricity usage, urging continued efforts like switching off geysers from 5 PM to 9 PM. They asserted, “Such measures alleviate pressure on the power system, contributing to lower stages of load-shedding.”

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