Eskom Updates Load Shedding Timetable Amid Grid Instability

Johannesburg – Eskom, South Africa’s primary electricity supplier, has once again revised its load shedding schedule, reflecting the ongoing challenges and unpredictability of the national grid.

Latest Load Shedding Changes:

  • Tuesday Adjustments: On 5 December, load shedding will be reduced to stage 2 from 09h00, escalating to stage 3 at 16h00.
  • Midweek Shifts: Stage 3 continues until 16h00 on Wednesday, followed by a bump to stage 4 until the early hours of Thursday.
  • End of Week Pattern: From Thursday morning, stage 3 resumes and will last until Friday afternoon.

Reason for Alterations:

  • Improved Capacity: Eskom cites enhanced generation capacity and sufficient emergency reserves as the reasons for the current downgrade.
  • Previous Plans Revised: The initial plan was a rotation between stages 3 and 4 throughout the week.

Schedule Overview:

  • 5 Dec: Stage 2 (09h00-16h00), Stage 3 (16h00 onwards)
  • 6 Dec: Stage 3 (Continued until 16h00), Stage 4 (16h00-05h00)
  • 7 Dec: Stage 4 (Until 05h00), Stage 3 (05h00 onwards)
  • 8 Dec: Stage 3 (Until 16h00)

Public Advisory: Eskom urges South Africans to remain adaptable and vigilant, as the load shedding schedule may undergo further changes due to the grid’s instability. The company pledges to keep the public informed of any new developments as they occur.

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