Uninterrupted Reading: Randburg Library Fights Off Load Shedding

Load shedding has been a persistent nuisance for South African citizens, causing daily interruptions and inconvenience. But now, for patrons of Randburg Library, there’s a glimmer of hope.

Eradicating Load Shedding – One Library at a Time

In an exciting development, Randburg Library, a beloved local institution, has declared independence from the erratic power outages. This came about as a result of a concerted effort to combat load shedding, ensuring that library-goers can continue their literary explorations uninterrupted.

As Lubabalo Magwentshu, MMC for Community Development, shared, “The city was elated when approached to identify a library where they could install an alternative energy supply source to enable library patrons to access and use the library during load shedding. The collaboration contributes to the city’s Sustainable Development Goal of forming partnerships.”

Nestlé’s Bright Idea for Libraries

Under the banner of “Light Up The Library,” Nestlé Bar One pledged to keep libraries across South Africa illuminated even during the grimmest hours of load shedding. An invaluable initiative to support students who lean heavily on library resources.

In response to this move, Nobuntu Mpendulo, Director of Joburg Libraries, expressed heartfelt gratitude: “Nestlé Bar One, we thank you.”

The Human Toll of Load Shedding

Matete Lesele, a senior librarian at Randburg Library, in conversation with The Star last month, painted a vivid picture of how load shedding had impacted their facility. “So the very first thing that was impacted was the number of people coming into the facility, which went down drastically because of load shedding. We had fewer clientele coming into the facility. And the moment we had load shedding, many people would leave,” shared Lesele.

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Voices for the Campaign

The campaign has also earned the endorsement of various influential youth icons including DJ Sbu, Oskido, Sheldon Tatchell, Kovini Moodley, Mashudu Modau, and leading maskandi artist Khuzani Mpungose.

DJ Sbu, an ardent supporter of the campaign, declared, “I am an advocate for never letting my circumstances prevent me from fulfilling my dream. I believe that one is born clever, and we all can achieve what we set our visions on. This initiative by Bar One shows that South African brands understand the challenges that youth face and give back in a meaningful and impactful way. Libraries need the energy to fuel the dreams of our youth, and I am encouraging every South African to get behind the campaign – one million shares and retweets. We can make this happen!”

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