Mayor Cites Power Outages as Key Factor in Joburg’s Water Shortages

Johannesburg’s Water Shortages Worsen Due to Load Shedding, Mayor Confirms

Johannesburg is grappling with service interruptions after a power outage at the Vereeniging Water Treatment Plant disrupted the pipeline network earlier this week. Although Rand Water’s bulk pumping has fully recovered, local water systems are struggling with the ripple effect, resulting in critically low reservoir levels.

Electricity Crisis Exacerbates Water Shortages

Mayor Thapelo Amad acknowledged that the city is facing significant service breakdowns, worsened by the nationwide electricity crisis. He empathized with residents, sharing that he is also affected by the water shortages and understands the growing urgency of the situation.

Amad assured that addressing these issues remains a top priority on his agenda. He is working closely with his mayoral committee and City administrators to devise sustainable, long-term solutions for the infrastructure challenges that plague the city.

Investing in Bulk Water Infrastructure

The mayor revealed that the City, through Joburg Water, has invested over R400 million to build and upgrade the bulk water infrastructure over the next 18 months. The funds will particularly target the Commando system (Crosby and Brixton), which is consistently hit hardest by water shortages. Amad expressed confidence that this investment will significantly alleviate the water supply challenges.

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Alternative Water Relief Measures

In the meantime, Amad has directed Johannesburg Water to provide alternative water relief measures to affected areas through stationary water tanks and mobile tankers. He urged residents to report any major bursts and leaks by using Joburg’s SMS Line: +27 (0) 45201.

As Johannesburg endures the impact of load shedding on its water supply, the mayor’s commitment to finding long-term solutions and providing immediate relief offers some hope to residents in the midst of these challenging times.