Eskom Implements Stage 6 Load Shedding With Warning of Continued Outages

South Africa is set to experience another round of Load Shedding, as Eskom released a statement announcing Stage 6 load shedding, citing the failure of additional generating units and a delay in service return. This change was a follow-up to the previous plan of integrating Stage 4 load shedding over the weekend. It also follows a delay in service return at several power stations across the country.

In a statement, Eskom revealed an overview of recent breakdowns and the current status of the company’s service capability. The breakdowns are at 19,333MW, while generating capacity out of service for planned maintenance is 4,524MW. Eskom is working tirelessly to restore generating units to the grid, though the delay in returning service at various power stations continues to add to the current capacity constraints.

With winter approaching, load shedding will likely increase due to increased energy demand. Eskom is warning about Stage 6 load shedding until further notice, leading to several concerns for businesses and households that are already struggling to keep up with the economic drought created by earlier energy shortages. Furthermore, the impact of extensive power shortages on the country’s economic infrastructure is critical to the broader public-interest story. In summary, Eskom’s recent statement reveals the current struggle the company is facing to meet the country’s increasing energy demand.