Eskom Denies False Load Shedding Rumors Amid Election Season

Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Eskom has addressed a misleading social media post falsely claiming imminent load shedding. The utility dismissed the report as factually incorrect, attributing it to a politically motivated attempt to mislead the public just before the 7th General Elections.

Eskom’s Steady Progress

  • No Load Shedding: South Africa has enjoyed 62 consecutive days without load shedding.
  • Improved Performance: The utility’s rigorous efforts have led to a significant improvement in energy availability and a reduction in breakdowns.
  • Planned Maintenance: Since March 2023, Eskom has prioritized planned maintenance across its fleet.

Reduced Diesel Usage

  • OCGTs: Eskom has notably reduced the use of diesel for its Open-Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGTs) over the past eight weeks.

Defying Critics

Eskom’s recent performance has defied predictions from critics, showcasing the success of its recovery efforts.

  • Minister’s Confidence: “The Ministry remains confident that the work we have been leading over the past 12 months, supported by the many competent Eskom employees and its leadership team, will continue in the coming months and ultimately place the country on a firm foundation of energy security to support our inclusive economic growth and development agenda,” said Minister of Electricity, Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa.

For further inquiries, contact Tsakane Khambane, spokesperson in the Ministry of Electricity, at 082 084 5566.

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Issued by: The Ministry in The Presidency responsible for Electricity, Pretoria

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