Eskom Announces Lighter Load Shedding for the Weekend

Weekend Power Update from Eskom

Reduced Load Shedding:

  • Easing Measures: Eskom reveals a relaxation in load shedding this weekend, attributing it to improved capacity.
  • Unit Restoration: The return of a generating unit and decreased load losses have facilitated this easing.

Load Shedding Schedule:

  • Stage 2 Continuation: Until 05:00 on Sunday, 19 January.
  • Stage 1 Commencement: From 05:00 to 16:00 on Sunday.

Upcoming Updates:

  • Future Outlook: Eskom plans to release an update for the following week on Sunday.

Current Capacity Challenges:

  • Breakdowns: 13,792MW of capacity is currently offline due to breakdowns.
  • Maintenance Status: 8,484MW is out for planned maintenance.

Restoration and Demand:

  • Recovery Efforts: Eskom aims to return 2,150MW to service by Sunday evening.
  • Demand Projection: Peak demand is expected to be just under 24,966MW.

In this latest development, Eskom offers a slight respite from the stringent load shedding schedule, reflecting an improvement in generating capacity. The power utility’s efforts to manage and restore capacity remain critical as they navigate the complexities of maintaining a stable power supply amidst ongoing challenges.

Accessing Load Shedding Schedules

We are pleased to inform you that accessing load shedding schedules tailored to your specific area is now simplified, thanks to

How to Access the Schedule:

  1. Visit Load shedding Schedule.
  2. Enter your suburb name to view the schedule for upcoming days.
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If you’re uncertain about your suburb’s name, kindly refer to Eskom’s Loadshedding Site for assistance.

Device Compatibility: The platform is optimized for a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Pro-tip: Bookmark your suburb on the site for quicker access in the future.

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